Activities to do with your 6 month old

Playing with a 6-month-old child can be rewarding. There are lots of smiles and giggles to learn from your baby what he or she enjoys. Knowing a variety of appropriate play activities can bring more laughter and more learning for both the parent and the child.

The following are a few well-chosen stimulating playtime activities for a 6-month-old baby that require little preparation.

Remember your baby is getting better at handling stimulation, but you should still watch for signs of over stimulation, such as loosing eye contact, whining, and batting things away with his hands.


Always look your baby directly in the eye when talking and interacting with him. Studies have shown that this assists language development, and it can also help with discipline as your child becomes older.

Support your baby emotionally when encountering strangers or new surroundings. Allow him to warm up slowly if he is experiencing stranger anxiety. This encourages your baby to develop a happy and trusting view of the world


Offer a variety of toys such as blocks, rattles, stacking toys, and books, so your baby can practice developing her fine motor skills with his hands.

Reading to children from the beginning is both play and a way to encourage language. There are great resources at Reach Out and Read.

Your baby most likely wants to put everything in his mouth. Provide plenty of safe, easy to clean toys.

Now that he is becoming more confident at grasping objects his hand-eye coordination will also improve. He will now be able to hold a toy and take a good long look at it by twisting and turning it in his hand.

Provide a variety of toys that are easily held in his small hands.

Babies love bubbles. By reaching for bubbles that you blow, he will improve his hand-eye coordination as he reaches out to pop them. 

At this age, babies also enjoy pop up toys. These toys also help develop strength and coordination in his arms. 

Place interesting toys just out of reach to encourage your baby to move towards them. You can do this when your baby is sitting or on his tummy.


Provide toys that make sounds when moved or squeezed as your baby is learning about cause and effect at this age.

As your baby begins to be confident at sitting he will want to grab at interesting objects. Make sure there are a few books and toys within easy reach so he can investigate.

News Alert

Children Choose Fries

New study findings, published in BMC Research Notes, examined whether children would select apples over French fries when the apples were presented as the default option.

The researchers bought take-out meal chicken nuggets from a fast food restaurant for 15 children aged 6-8. Half of the children were given fries with their meal and told they could exchange them for apples. The other half were given apples and told they could exchange them for fries. The study was repeated the following day and again the following week with the default switched. Even when the default side was apples, 86.7% opted to swap for fries.

The researchers conclude that strongly preferred foods, like fries at fast food restaurants or red meat at buffets, are so standard that it can be difficult to get people- especially children- to opt for healthier options, even if the healthy option is the default.

Dishwasher Packets Hazardous

Beware of the dishwasher detergent packets.

1 in 10 calls to the poison control center for children under five are related to household cleaning products.

Because of their appealing design, the new dishwasher packets are a rapidly increasing source of ingestion by young children.

Be sure and keep these items, and others like them, safely stored and away from the eager explorations of the children in your home. And always call the Poison Control Center if you have a concern about any possibly harmful exposure.

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