Baby Development Hand Control: Why Two Hands Are Better Than One

Have you noticed that most play involves two hands? Baby development hand control plays a key role in brain stimulation and happiness.

Through the ages, parents and caregivers figured out the importance of hand play. Now, science verifies what many had discovered. Babies need to play with two hands.

Parents usually wait anxiously for their baby’s first steps. Now scientist agree that parents should celebrate earlier, when a baby’s hands come together.

When babies bring their hands together, they discover both sides of the body and experience the connection.Encourage Your Baby to Bring Both Hands Together

Once discovered, holding toys with two hands soon follows. This brings the toys directly in front of the baby face, which makes it easier to look at.

When babies start looking carefully at toys, they develop visual attention. Steady gaze and attention develop the ability to learn.

As your baby uses both hands to play, both sides of the body send messages to the brain. This signaling organizes neurological messaging and pathways.

The more messages up the spinal cord that cross from one side of the body to the other the better.

This helps make the brain more flexible and ready for learning.

Baby Development Hand Control Activities

Here are some simple two-handed activities that you can play with your baby:

Encouraging hand clapping

Playing “Patty Cake” or  “So Big”

Holding toys that need both hands (large balls, stuffed animals)

Gently rubbing both your baby hands over textured surfaces and shaped objects

Splashing with both hands during bath time

Banging on toy drums (or upturned pots) with both hands.

Singing “Wheels on the bus” or  “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with hand motions.

Asking a children’s librarian for books that teach more hand play games and songs.

As your baby grows and movements become more sophisticated, teach other hand play games.

You can change them for the younger child.

Play these games whenever you can. Use wait times at the bus stop, check out line, elevators, before and after stories, or at a restaurant.

News Alert

Food Safety: Grapes

Grapes provide a very healthy food option, low in calories and high in nutritional value. Also they offer a good sources of vitamins, minerals and powerful anti-oxidants.

However, for the very young, grapes may pose a problem.

A recent study from Scotland, published in The Archives of Disease, reported on a choking hazard in children younger than five who ate grapes.

Don’t forget that all solid foods that are a “mouthful” for young children have the potential danger of choking them.

Cut foods into small pieces to protect your preschoolers from choking.

Anesthetic Cream with Vaccines

Medical News Today reports new research about managing pain due to vaccinations. The Canadian Medical Association Journal states that anesthetic cream provides the best relief to infants for pain related to these shots.

The article points out that infant vaccinations protect babies from 14 serious childhood diseases. So despite the pain and distress, parents need to have their baby vaccinated.

This new research says apply anesthetic cream–and tender, loving care.

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