A Dad is a Dad. A good father is a good father and a poor one, a poor one, whether he is a biological father or an adoptive one. Where am I headed with this thought?
Both of my children are adopted. As my wife and I struggled with infertility for over seven years, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that as I considered adoption as an avenue for us to create a family, I had some reservations.

Wouldn’t it be somehow different to parent a child that was not biologically mine? Could the bond between parent and child actually be the same? What if these children turned out to have medical or emotional issues?

As I look back on these thoughts I have to chuckle at myself. Of course, it is easy to chuckle at myself now that I have six years worth of experience as a parent, which has proven to me just how silly those thoughts actually were.

I have been blessed with two children that I cannot imagine living life without. I could not love these children any more, even if I were their biological father. I know without a shadow of doubt they were the ones that God intended for our family. And I am sure they will present my wife and me with our share of challenges during their lives, whether physical, medical, or emotional challenges—just as biological children do.

What I learned the instant I held our daughter in my arms for the first time, and what is affirmed to me each and every day is that the love and the bond we have with our children comes not from their genetic makeup but from the overwhelming sense of responsibility to care for them, to nurture them, to protect them, and to prepare them for the future.

The loving bond we have with our children grows daily as we interact with them and as we watch them develop their unique personalities. One of the greatest joys of being a parent is the love we receive from our children and the opportunity we have to love them unconditionally.

So if you have ever considered adoption, remember this: Dad is Dad, Mom is Mom, your daughter is your daughter, and your son is your son, no matter how the good Lord brought your family together.

What a blessing to have the opportunity to be a Dad.

What do you think? Love your comments.

In addition to being a doting father and loving husband to Amy, Neal Hanks is a native of Western North Carolina and President at Beverly-Hanks & Associates, Asheville, North Carolina.