Whether you consider yourself a “tech savvy” parent or not, one thing is for certain…using technology and learning to navigate various forms of technology with ease will help our children today and in the future.  

Many parents are concerned about “too much tech time” (whether it be tv, games, apps, etc.)..There IS a difference between using technology appropriately to teach basic skills and using technology as a “babysitting” service that is unsupervised and without direction from a responsible adult.

There are many wonderful apps for preschool and kindergarten children available!  For a list of tech resources to try with your children, you can visit: http://www.squidoo.com/creative-ways-to-use-technology-in-preschool-and-kindergarten.  Our children particularly like COOKIE DOODLE and DONUT DOODLE (see photo above).  Both apps are fun games to play and. while similar, each app teaches different touch screen skills that children need to become familiar with.

In honor of FALL and HALLOWEEN, we have a new QR Code Online Scavenger Hunt just for young kids.  The children will be asked to use a mobile device to scan various QR Codes to find the answer to Fall Riddles.  The codes will then take them to an age-appropriate online site for a picture of the answer and a printable prize.  It is a FUN way to teach your children about new technology and learn a little along the way!  The QR Scavenger Hunt begins Monday, Oct. 15th.  The QR Code game file for all of the riddles and QR Codes can be downloaded here We hope you AND your children enjoy experimenting with new forms of technology for learning and PLAY!