Must. Have. Wine. It’s a modern moms’ mantra, no matter what type of day we’re having; when we’ve come to the end of our rope, had the best day ever, or simply just want to unwind.

  Some of us make it until our children’s bedtime….and some of us surrender earlier convincing ourselves, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Some of us need one glass; some of us more.  Whether we gather with a group of girlfriends to enjoy a few glasses of red or lock ourselves in our closet with a full bottle of white; we’re all looking for a reason to finally just relax. 

  Along with that glass of wine, sometimes all moms need to know is that other moms are going through the same things we are.   Must. Have. Wine.  81 Reasons Mommies Should Pour That Glass Tonight offers a collection of un-glamorized, true stories written by real moms and strategically outlined by reasons we all should pour that glass tonight.   

   The chapters are arranged by wine pairings that will complement the mood of the collection of stories within each section. So let’s raise our glass and cheers to the laughter, the tears, and the bittersweet moments of motherhood.

For more about the book or to pre-order, visit Must.Have.Wine.

About the Author:

Katrina Epp is co-author of Must.Have.Wine. 81 Reasons Mommies Should Pour That Glass Tonight. Her and her business partner, Leah Speer, write about motherhood, family life, parenting  tips, and healthy cooking on their mommy blog, Must.Have.Wine.