My daughter Abby has been obsessed with Harry Potter for a quite a few years now. She has been in the same bedroom from birth… yellow walls with butterfly print border etc. At aged 10 she thought she needed an update. Below is part of the result. Love to hear your thoughts at the end…

This is a quote by Albus Dumbledore from the movie Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban – I got in on Esty to follow the instructions but ended up adding the letters one by one!) The painting of the owl is by Abby. The wall colour is ‘Majestic Purple’ by British Paints.

We bought the wall pockets from IKEA – most of THE books are kept in there. The books on top of the shelf are Harry Potter Film Wizardry, (there is now an updated version), the middle book is Harry Potter – Page to Screen,Will have to get back to you on the third book as it was a gift.

Most of these figurines are from Woolworth supermarket and only cost a couple of dollars each.  The book behind is one our best purchases – we got it on Amazon – it has so much inside e.g. marauders map, labels for potion bottles, candy boxes to make, invitation to the Yule ball. Filled with images and sketches from the movie – click on the image below to see more.

Close-up of the Lego car from the Hogwart’s Express set– (not sure why it is so expensive on Amazon – guess they are not making it anymore??)

Home-made Sword of Gryffindor.

We call the owl baby Hedwig – it is a Shining Stars Owl – Buckbeakcame from a visit to Universal Studios, but I have also seen them here on Amazon

Paper owl – get the template from – This one is called Lava

See more owls here and hereThe beautifully carved wooden wand is from

Abby made the mini Quidditch set out of Stockmar modelling wax



  Owl tea-lights – Abby made these using the Stockmar modelling wax above – she used a baby food jar and a little jam jar. She molded the shapes she wanted then pushed them onto the jar.
Abby’s auntie sent her this ‘invisibility cloak’ for her birthday last year – it is lovely shimmery, light material – it came in a box with instructions. What a great homemade gift!

Some of Abby’s Lego collection Hogwarts’ ExpressHogwarts and Diagon Alley

The book up in the left corner is Harry Potter: A Pop-Up book

Close-up of the inside of Lego Hogwarts

This is a jar with one of the labels from the book ‘Harry Potter Film Wizardry’ (pictured and mentioned above). It is hard to see Abby’s handmade ‘Boomslang Skin’, but she got some of the pink Stockmar Modelling Wax and squished it so it was very thin, she then suspended it in water – it really does look creepy!

Here are some of the other potions’ labels. Just use old jars and your imagination!

Well – what did you think? – What is your favorite item? There is more to see – will work on part two soon…