Pattern Block Turkeys

Our kids love to play and explore with pattern blocks.  Not only do the pattern blocks help build a knowledge of basic geometric shapes, but they are FUN for the children to play with.  This week, we started a turkey pattern for our children using just two of the yellow hexagons (we made turkey “faces” with markers) and let the kids work with partners to “design” their own turkeys.  It is amazing to observe the intricate patterns even very young children can develop!  If your children have not yet had a chance to explore and play with pattern blocks, pick up a set as it will make for hours of fun and learning.  Pattern blocks are a great holiday gift for kids, too!

Fingerprint and Footprint Turkeys for Young Kids

Materials needed:  One sheet of heavy white paper, washable tempera paints in a variety of colors, craft eyes and/or construction paper for the turkey’s facial features/legs.

 The children can finger paint or brush paint the footprint brown to resemble the turkey’s body.  Let the footprint dry thoroughly before adding the fingerprint “wings.”  Have the children pick several colors to use for the turkey’s wings.  The children can fingerprint  semi-circles around the footprint with different colors to make the wings for the turkey.   The turkey’s facial features and feet can be made with additional construction paper or craft supplies.  

The footprint/fingerprint turkeys make cherished keepsakes for grandparents or other family members on Thanksgiving!

Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Kids

Materials needed:  One non-coated paper plate for each child, a variety of washable tempera paints, small scraps of white/orange/red paper for the turkey’s facial features, and a glue stick for each child.

Prior to the craft, draw a circle at the bottom of each paper plate (this part will become the turkey’s “body”).  Older children can draw their own, but younger children will need assistance.  Have the children finger paint or brush paint the circle brown.  Let the brown paint dry thoroughly before finishing the craft.

The children can fingerprint different colors of tempera paint around the paper plate.  Younger children can fingerprint any way they desire.  The mix of colors on the paper plates makes for great artwork!  

The children can tear or cut small pieces of paper for the eyes, nose, and wattle.  Have the children glue the turkey’s facial features on the turkey’s body.

Pilgrim Boy Color by Number – Pilgrim%20Boy.pdf

Print the Pilgrim Boy Coloring Page (linked above in blue) for each of the children.  Discuss what crayon/marker colors are needed to complete the page with your children.  Discuss the numbers 1-4 with your children.  Have the children color the Pilgrim Boy using the color/number guide located on the bottom right of the page.

We hope you enjoy making some of these Thanksgiving Crafts with your own children!  The time spent together will create memories that will last long after the crafts have been forgotten!