Been bought a beautiful baby journal book as a gift? Not found that magical spare time to sit and neatly write down all the momentous events in your newborn’s life. You are not alone! Most new parents find it impossible to keep up with recording their baby’s milestones and there’s a good chance the blank baby book will be languishing on a shelf for years to come.

And what if baby laughs for the first time when you’re out and about. Or takes their first steps at Grandma’s house? It’s unlikely you will be toting your hefty journal around in your changing bag.

Mementobox, the virtual baby journal app, solves these dilemmas faced by busy new parents. Because the mementobox app is on your phone, you can record milestones immediately and it will always be on hand, so you won’t miss a single moment of your baby’s development. Instantly link a photo or video of the event with the date along with some notes. And choose to share your precious memories with friends and family via twitter, facebook or email.

The app is divided into three sections – My Birth, where you can store scans, bump pictures, details of the labour, visitors, plus gifts received and thank yous sent; My First Year, to record all those firsts and My World, where you link to external media to create a time capsule of all the things going on when your little one was born. There are prompts and suggestions for every section, but also the opportunity to add your own categories too. By simply adding quick updates as they happen, you will create a unique keepsake of your baby’s first year.

Beautifully designed, easy to use and password protected for your peace of mind, mementobox is the perfect app to transform your iPhone into the ultimate digital scrapbook.

Mementobox is also a great gift for mums-to-be as they can start recording their exciting journey by uploading their first scan photos.

Available on the App Store $3.99 USD