Do healthy parents even exist?  With the fast pace of American society, it seems that parents have no time for themselves. Most parents are busy running their children to practices, games, recitals, birthday parties… Parenting has become all about the kids! It’s hard to believe, but becoming a healthy parent may be easier than most would think.

Most businesses are run with a big picture in mind. That big picture is even backed by a mission statement in order to keep everyone focused on their objective. Parenting is relatable to a small business. Parenting requires inventory (e.g. groceries, diapers…), relational skills, and teamwork. However, parents rarely have a big picture in mind. Most are running around with their hair on fire. Parents need direction in their own lives. Once a parent lets loose of living vicariously through their child, and takes initiative in their own life, they become healtheir parents to their children. Further, children with motivated and focused parents are more apt to be motivated and focused themselves.

Think about this the next time you decide to skip that workout you had scheduled. Better yet, create a big picture goal and stay focused! Your children will benefit in the long run.


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