Hello everybody. My name is Meredith and I’m a new member of your wonderful group. I’m a CEIM; that’s short for Certified Educator of Infant Massage. Yup … I teach you how to massage your own baby. It’s easy, fun, relaxing and empowering for you as a new parent. Below is a blog I have on my web-site with the most pertinent advantages of learning how to massage your own precious child. I’m passionate about the good this does for you, your baby and everybody in your life. 

The benefits of Infant Massage are numerous, promoting the healthy physical growth and emotional development of your baby.  The massage stimulates all systems of baby’s body to develop more rapidly and efficiently. This includes the brain, nervous system, immune system, baby’s flexibility and strength. It stimulates the release of oxytocin, known as the “cuddle” hormone, in both parent and baby. Prolactin is released, which promotes milk production in the breast-feeding mom. Infants whose parent (or caregiver) massages them experience digestive regulation through the release of hormones for food absorption, relief from the pain of gassiness and regulation of elimination

Infant massage promotes bonding and attachment between parent and baby and not just from the release of hormones. The bonding is created by your loving touch. Touch is the main ingredient in the development of  the parent/baby bond. The response and receptiveness of your baby is further enhanced by eye-to-eye and skin-to-skin contact, gentle vocalization and amazingly, your body scent.

Infant massage relaxes your baby by relieving tension built up during  the day from stimulation in the environment. While massaging your baby, you’ll find that you are realaxing, also. It helps babies fall off to sleep more easily and sleep more deeply. Isn’t that what all parents-of-newborns strive for?

I am a retired R.N. and bring my knowledge of anatomy and physiology to every class. Then there’s all the practice I’ve had with my own children, grand-children and the hundreds of babies and toddlers I’ve taken care of as a Preferred Provider/Infant & Toddler Specialist for an agency in Boston. I mainly take care of the children of Hotel Guests. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to give you answers based on my experience and the latest research.