Finding a gift for my mother-in-law every year is definitely not the highlight of my holiday season! She is virtually impossible to shop for first of all and whatever I DO get her, there is likely to be some comment that includes her already having it or not needing it. Don’t think less of me for complaining during Christmas, I love Christmas, it’s the hard to please people that bring out the Grinch in me!  So this year, I decided to try a few new ideas by getting creative, hopefully this will help you too!

Heritage gifts

Being Irish, I figure that I can’t go wrong with some sort of heritage gift from celtic gift shops. I am considering a Claddagh ring and have also looked into the irish wool cardigans. Either way, she will undoubtedly love anything with a shamrock on it. So, learn about your hard to buy for family member’s background and go from there.

Family photos

With her IN them! That’s right, a scheduled family photo shoot gift certificate. What more could a grandma want other than a photo with her and her grand kids? She CAN’T complain about this and will treasure it for years! Going one step further – there are photo scrapbooks that you can make online. These books are professional and inexpensive, a double plus!


Just a short one to a local beach – otherwise she will think that we are trying to get rid of her (haha!). Her favorite beach is only 45 minutes away and she loves a certain hotel there. So I figure I’ll buy her a couple of nights stay and it’s a win/win (if you know what I mean!)