With a huge choice of Childrens wall stickers out there you really can find anything you think of to decorate your child’s room with.

Some of our favorite new stickers are listed below, which may not be the conventional choice but still create a great wall decal for your children’s rooms.

One of the best children’s wall stickers we have seen is a large world map. This is a fantastic wall sticker to use on a clear wall space. It is a large world map with all of the continents in different colors. These are great children’s wall stickers to use as they are very educational for older children but they still brighten up the walls with colors and even cartoon images on each country.

Another great wall sticker we have seen is a race track road for cars. This kind of wall sticker is usually for a boy’s room as it is based around cars. And usually you may find individual car stickers to put around the room but this sticker is an actual race track road that goes around a larger space on the wall which looks really fun and new for kids to enjoy.

Children’s wall stickers really do cover a lot of different style to accommodate every kind of theme that the parents may choose. Some more themes that are not the main stream choices are;

Hot air balloons – these children’s wall stickers are great if you have wall space higher up that you want to add some color too. You can spread theme across the wall to fill up space and save on extra decorating costs.

And some children’s wall stickers you may not be aware of yet is stickers that go in the bath room. There are a lot of under the sea themed stickers which can be applied around the bathroom, for example on the bath tub, around the walls on the tiles or on the windows. They can brighten up the bathroom and make bath time a lot more fun and interesting for the child. And the best thing about children’s wall stickers is the ease with which they can be removed and not leave damage behind. So if you didn’t want your bathroom to look like an under the sea child’s play zone later down the line, you can take them down.

Because of the simplicity and easy DIY of wall stickers it makes it easy to change the decoration when you want to. And with the low cost of stickers it does not hurt the bank account too much to change your mind. This comes in handy when there are a lot of wall stickers that are designed for the seasons and holidays. For example stickers that are designed around birthdays so you can decorate your house with them for the special day and then remove them. There are also children’s wall stickers that are designed around Halloween and, most popular of all, Christmas so you can transform your child’s room in to a winter wonderland for the festive months.