This easy-to-read guide will give an overview of your baby’s 1 month milestones.

A baby is full of such amazing potential. Your baby was born with over 100 billion neurons or brain cells.

During this first month most babies will be able to:

  • Move both legs and arms equally well. Focus on objects approximately 7-12 inches away, although vision is still blurry
  • Turn head side to side while lying on tummy.
  • May turn towards familiar voices and sounds.
  • Begin to trust.
  • Have a growth spurt at around 6 weeks of age. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden your baby wants to nurse or feed all the time. Your baby knows what she needs – keep up frequent feeds!

Your baby may even be able to:

  • Make cooing sounds in addition to different cries.
  • Follow the movement of a toy or object moved in an arc past his eyes from a distance of about 6 inches.
  • Bring fist to the mouth.
  • Give you her first beautiful smile.

Your baby is developing her trust in the world so make sure you respond consistently each time she cries. Give lots of cuddles because touch is very important to his development.

Babies love the following things at this age:

  • The sound of your voice – read books to her, sing to her, talk to her.
  • For you to cuddle her close. Skin-to-skin contact is wonderful.
  • For you to repeat the sounds that she makes. For you to respond quickly when she cries. Looking at the faces of her family

Remember that this is just a guide and that your baby is unique – if you have any concerns please see your health professional