Occupational therapy is a health related profession that focuses on enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful activities and helping achieve independence in all areas of their lives. People generally think that occupational therapy is only for adults; kids, after all, do not have jobs. But children do have “jobs”!  Their occupation is playing and learning, and occupational therapists can evaluate a child’s skills for playing, school performance, and daily activities and compare them with what is developmentally appropriate for that age group.   OT can help children with various needs improve their physical, cognitive, social, and motor skills and in turn enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

In occupational therapy sessions children often look like they are simply “playing”, which is exactly what the children who are participating think they are doing.  As therapists, we have a variety of tricks to our trade that allow us to tap into a child’s interests to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at improving areas of weakness.  OT’s specialize in creating fun and novel opportunities for children to master their goals and achieve greater independence in home, school and within their communities.


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