Christmas ornaments make great gifts for family and friends from kids.  We have cherished ornaments that our own children and grandchildren have made throughout the years!  The Santa and Snowman Ornaments below are fun for children to make and give!

Materials needed (Snowman) – clear glass ornaments (I KNOW some of you are thinking what we did at first – glass ornaments with KIDS?)  We used the clear glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby (see photo below) and they are surprising good for kid’s crafts. The children should still be supervised closely during the craft.  Remind the children that the ornaments must be handled with care as they are made of glass.  Our 4 yr. old children did great with this craft!

$7.99 for a set of 12 clear glass ornaments

Snowman Materials cont. – white filler (we used white metallic gift shred, but any white filler will do), orange craft foam (to cut small triangles for the snowman’s nose), craft eyes, a black permanent marker for the mouth (have the children wear an old T-Shirt or paint smock to protect clothing when using the permanent marker), one white pipe cleaner per ornament, small black craft foam square (for the snowman’s hat), and poster putty or glue dots.

To assemble: 

*Remove the hanger from the ornaments for the children prior to the craft.  Have the children fill the ornament with the chosen filler.  We had the children use the eraser end of a pencil to help “poke” the filler through the top of the ornament.

*The children can use glue dots or poster putty to add the eyes and an orange triangle for the snowman’s nose.

*Have the children make small dots for the snowman’s mouth with a permanent black marker.  The glass ornaments are thick glass, but remind the children to make their circles GENTLY with their markers.

*Assist the children in replacing the hanger for the ornaments.  The children can use squares of black craft foam for the snowman’s hat.  The hat can be adhered to the ornament’s hanger using glue dots or poster putty.

*Demonstrate for the children how to make small spirals from each end of their pipe cleaner.  Have the children practice several times (it is a great activity for enhancing fine motor skills!)  The spirals at each end of the pipe cleaner will become the snowman’s ear muffs.  The children can place a glue dot (or poster putty) inside of the spirals to adhere the “ear muffs” to the snowman (see photo below).

Have the children write their name and the Year on the back of the ornament.  The ornaments look GREAT hanging on the TREE!

Materials needed (Santa):  clear glass ornaments, black craft foam, metallic paper (gold or silver), glue dots or poster putter, and red filler (glitter balls, pom poms, gift shred, etc.)

Prior to the craft –  Remove the hangers from each of the ornaments.  Have the children cut vertical strips of black craft foam.  It doesn’t matter how wide the strips are, but they need to be long enough to fit around the glass ornament.  The children can also cut squares of gold or silver paper (aluminum foil will work, too).  Our older kids cut out a “buckle” looking shape. For younger kids, trace a square shape on the metallic paper and have them cut a basic square for Santa’s buckle.

To assemble:  Have the children fill the glass ornaments with red filler.  Assist the children in replacing the ornament hanger.  The children can adhere the black strips around the ornament with glue dots to resemble Santa’s belt.  For the buckle, have the children use glue dots to adhere the metallic squares to the front of the black belt.

Have the children write their names and the Year on the back of the ornament.

Both ornaments make cute and inexpensive gifts for the children to make and give!