Jell-O Scented moldable dough is an inexpensive substitute for commercial Moon Dough

Materials needed:  2 lbs. of cornstarch, 1 1/2-2 cans of unscented shaving cream, 2 boxes of any flavor Jell-O, one spoon, and a LARGE bin or plastic tub (aprons, smocks, or old T-shirts should be worn to protect clothing.)

Put the cornstarch into a large plastic bin.  Let the children FEEL the silky texture of the cornstarch.  Open the boxes of Jell-O and have the children SMELL the flavor.  Ask the children if they know what flavor it is without looking at the packaging.  Add the Jell-O to the cornstarch mixture and mix thoroughly with a spoon.

Have the children take turns adding the shaving cream to the cornstarch and Jell-O mixture.  “Pushing the button” down to dispense the shaving cream is no small task for little fingers.  Younger children will need assistance, but it is great fine motor work!  It will take awhile to get ALL of the shaving cream out of the can.  One can of shaving cream will make a “mountain” (at least according to our children).

FUN PART:  You can TRY to stir the mixture with a spoon or spatula, but the only way that is really productive is to use your hands.  Start mixing and let the children take turns helping.  It is a messy project, but the kids LOVE it!

Texture – if the mixture is too crumbly and will not mold in your hand after one can of shaving cream, add another 1/2 can.  All in all, we added 1 1/2 cans of shaving cream to ours to make the best texture for molding.  Our kids used Christmas cookie cutters and the dough held the shapes well (see photo below).

The sensory dough is great fun to make and play with!  The recipe made a TON of dough so we decided to “gift” some to our friends to play with.  We put the dough in a glass jar, added a ribbon, and included a cookie cutter!

Sensory Play may be Messy, but the JOY of observing our kids learning through PLAY…..PRICELESS!

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