There are many items that you can buy wholesale, but some of these can also double as wholesale gifts. When you buy certain items wholesale, you will save money, always have plenty around and will be able to give some away when necessary. The key is to know which items are best bought wholesale.

Bottled Beverages

These are not the greenest of choices, but when bought wholesale, you tend to save about a dollar per bottle and sometimes more. You can easily stack cases of bottled drinks in the pantry or even the garage. If something comes up and you are without a gift, you can create a little picnic package with fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and some bottled beverages.

Laundry Detergent

Believe it or not, buying this in bulk is almost always a big money saver. You can often find a pack of two really big bottles for the price of one. Most of the major brands offer these types of sales at wholesale retailers. Then, those two mega bottles will last a really long time so you will not have to worry about picking up detergent for quite some time. Or…you could pull a Duggar mom and MAKE your own detergent!


Yes, meats are a good choice to buy in bulk. Now, if you are single, this may not be the best idea because one person trying to eat a lot of meat will likely end up in some waste. However, a family of four will do well with bulk meats. You need to make sure that you store this properly or else you will end up wasting money. Make sure you portion it per meal and place it in a bag that is perfectly sealed. Then, just stick it in the freezer. Meats will hold for quite some time in the freezer, so bulk buying is pretty much always a good idea. Also, talk with your local butcher and ask them what the best time to buy would be. One days they get new shipments in, they will be desperate to make room and sell the leftover for pennies!

Personal Care Items

Things like deodorant, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, razors, body lotions and other similar items are always a good idea to buy in bulk. You never want to run out of these things (we were also able to use these wholesale gifts to pack for overseas gift boxes for needy kids), so having a stash is a good idea. Plus, this stuff can get pricey and wholesale can really cut your costs. On a side note, if you need a quick gift idea, you can place a lotion or two, a bar of soap or two and some shampoo and conditioner in a cute basket and have a quick and useful gift.