There are many activities that our own children enjoy in the winter; building a snowman is always near the top of the list!  Whether you live in a climate that has snow or not,  your children will have hours of fun building snowmen on a sticky table!

“Sticky” Table Snowmen

Kids will enjoy making and creating snowmen over and over with a DIY Sticky Table.

Materials needed:  Clear Contact Paper, Duct Tape, White Craft Foam or Felt (to make the circles for the snowmen), Black Markers or Pencils (for tracing), Scissors, Orange Craft Foam or Felt (for the snowman’s nose), Black Craft Foam or Felt  (for the snowman’s mouth), Craft Eyes, Assorted Buttons, and Mittens (can be cut from any craft foam or felt scraps available).

Take the backing off of the clear contact paper and lay it “sticky side up” on a table.  It is helpful to duct tape the contact paper to the table to prevent it from sliding while the children are playing.

Have the children draw several circles on the white foam or felt (we used different sizes of cups to trace the snowman’s body/head) and cut them out.  Younger children will need assistance with cutting.  The children can cut a square and a crescent (moon shape) from the black foam to resemble the snowman’s hat and smile.  The orange craft foam or felt can be used to make triangle “noses” for the snowman.  Older children can cut a mitten pattern from any left over materials.  For younger children, two small ovals will work just great for the snowman’s “mittens!”   Set out small cups of craft eyes and assorted buttons that the children can use to finish decorating their snowmen.

The children will spend hours at the sticky table designing and redesigning their snowmen.  When the weather allows, take the children outside on a nature hunt for items to use on the sticky table.  The children will often find sticks for the snowman’s arms and acorn shells to use for buttons.  Let the children use their own imaginations to come up with new ideas to decorate their own snowman creations!

Tracey Phillips from Little Story Bug has a great video to use with the sticky table snowmen!  It is fun for the kids to learn the song and create their snowmen as they sing.


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