Little Green sent me a lovely package of kid and baby products to try as shown below. 

I only have one child so I enlisted the help of my neighbor to try them on her children (aged 3 and 6) as well. Thanks again Tash.

What We liked:

Moisturizer – Rubs in easily and has a lovely scent.

Shampoo – No tears, nice and thick so you don’t need much. Doesn’t dry hair out. My neighbor also commented on the great consistency.

Conditioning Hair Detangler – MY Favorite! My daughter’s favorite, AND the neighbors favorite. I have super curly hair and my daughter has very looong straight hair. We both have challenges with tangles. This stuff is great – I use it on wet hair to get out tangles and my daughter uses it all the time. She is 11 and commented on how nice her hair felt. We will definitely be buying this one.

Little H. who lives next door has very fine curly hair and getting the tangles out is a big challenge, usually accompanied by tears. Here are the before, during and after shots – Great result!

“Loving the detangler. No tears or tantrums when brushing.”

What I wasn’t sure about:

Lots of the ingredients have very long names that didn’t seem ‘close to Mother Nature’ . I did take the time to look up many of the ingredients and was satisfied that they were safe and were from natural sources. For example one ingredient with a scary name turned out to be from rapeseed oil.

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