After losing my mom the week I found out I was pregnant, there are so many things that I would love to ask her about raising children. She was an unbelievable mom who couldn’t wait to be a grandmother and I, being the tomboy who always had too many irons in the fire, looked forward to slowing down and learning from the best about how to raise my kids. 

After having my son, there were a few (hundred) realizations and unexpected “trials” that I learned would be a little more difficult to overcome than I thought. With no one to turn to and ask these mother/daughter questions, I decided to write them down and try and figure out on my own. I had no time between diapers, feeding, bathing and playing to read the novels that offered all of the answers, so I scoured the web looking for the answers. I did read a few books such as The First 30 Days as Mommy and Belly Laughs (I know, a little late on that one!) but they helped me through the tough times. After speaking with friends who had children about the same age, what I learned more than anything else is that no one has all of the answers and each baby is totally different. What an odd comfort! 

I eventually joined a mothers group at church and was able to share feelings and experiences with other moms going through the same things. Advice and love is what I found and I am so thankful for this group of women. I highly recommend to any first time mom, whether you have your mother or not, find a group of women in your position and spend time weekly learning from each other. This time and comfort is invaluable and you, one day, will be able to pass it on to your daughter too!