1. Focus on what you do want. Aim towards a compelling outcome and what you focus on is what you’ll get.

2. Develop the ability to internally reference by constantly checking in with your own values and beliefs.

3. When making new friends pay attention to what you have in common and be curious about areas of difference. 

4. What you wear, how you wear it, how you stand or sit, all create a lasting first impression. Decide what you want the impression to be and check it out. 

5. Test…Operate….Test….Exit. Consciously test out new behaviours to check they produce the result you want and if they don’t , change them and test again. When you get the result you want, exit the process. 

6. There is no failure only feedback. Look for the learning in the feedback you get.

7. Focus on what you are now, what you have and who you are rather than comparing yourself with others or focusing on what you are not.

8. Stay in the present and face towards the future.

9. Your best is good enough.

10. When you extract the word ‘try’ from your inner voice, things start to happen. 

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