The Jewish Passover holiday begins just over a month from now.  In the next few weeks, moms across America, and all around the world will look for ways to enhance their Seder experience and have fun while doing so. Some people dress up like characters from the story of Exodus. Others create (or buy) “plague kits” to throw around the table when the Ten Plagues are being discussed. We have even heard of people importing sand into their dining rooms and dressing up in hiking clothing and gear for a simulated trek across the desert!

For a fun and easy game, why not try Passover Bingo?  This game can either be made from construction paper and markers, or purchased as a ready-made version.  The Passover Bingo board game, available at, is designed to help people learn about Passover and keep kids and adults alert and engaged during the Passover Seder. The game includes six bingo boards, 96 foam markers, and a list of important people, objects and events surrounding the story of Exodus discussed during the Seder, together with an explanation of each. Passover Bingo can be played at any time to learn about the important events and personalities of Passover, or during the first and second seders for Passover in 2013 and beyond! This unique Jewish board game, which is fun and educational, can be enjoyed by the entire family. Guests at a Passover Seder will be participating and paying rapt attention to the pages, and your seder will never be the same again!