Here is a really cool product that helps parents and Toddlers!  .KidSwitch allows toddlers to reach light switches, thereby empowering them with independence and freeing parents from this repetitive task.  Yea!  

By allowing your toddler to reach and operate their light you can instill good energy saving habits at the perfect “absorption” age by teaching them to turn OFF a light when they leave a room.  Lets face it, toddlers love to be able to do things them selves.  See  and click on the video.  

KidSwitch really kicks up the value when it comes time to potty training. A child will not get out of their bed at night if its dark (and scary).  With KidSwitch they can turn on their light, the hallway light and the bathroom light to assure their safe travel to the bathroom, thereby eliminating fear and unnecessary accidents in the bed while increasing confidence.

KidSwitch glow in the dark so they always can see where their light is and the smiling moon gives offers assurance.

We recommend KidSwitch for the Bedroom, Hallway, Playroom and of course, the Bathroom.  Go to to learn even more and to see the full line of KidSwitch Products.