Are you searching for fun and unique activities to celebrate the arrival of SPRING with your kids?  Below you’ll find some colorful ideas using Wikki Stix, the original wax covered creatables.


The flower blossom trees make great crafts for Spring or Easter.  They are fun to make and help little fingers gain important fine motor skills.  

Materials needed:  Black Wikki Stix, any color of tissue paper, white paper, scissors, a pencil, disposable plates or trays, and liquid glue.

Let the children use the black Wikki Stix to make any kind of tree/limbs desired on the white paper.  Assist very young children in cutting squares from the colored tissue paper.  Pour a small amount of liquid glue on a paper plate or tray.  Demonstrate for the children how to wrap one square of tissue paper around the eraser end of a pencil.  Tell the children to dip the wrapped tissue paper into the liquid glue and then place on the tree.  The children can make as many “blossoms” as desired on their trees (see photo above).


Materials needed:  Black, yellow, and Blue Wikki Stix, white paper, and scissors.

Have the children make a tree from the black Wikki Stix on white paper.  The blue birds are made with one medium-sized blue circle and one small circle.  The children will need to cut the Wikki Stix (they are easily cut with safety scissors, but younger children will need assistance.)  The children can make the blue bird’s tail from two small pieces of blue Wikki Stix folded in half to make the “ovals.”  Have the children use small pieces of yellow Wikki Stix for the bird’s beak.

Blue Bird Good Morning “ECHO” Song

Teaching children to “echo” words in a song requires listening and concentration skills. It is not easy for young children to know when to repeat words; once they understand how “echo” songs work, kids want to sing them over and over!

Little Mister Bluebird sat upon a tree one day.

Little Mister Bluebird turned his head and sang,

GOOD MORNING! (point to your child so he knows to repeat (echo) GOOD MORNING!)

GOOD MORNING! (child repeats)

GOOD MORNING! (child repeats)

Then he flew away!!

~Original Author Unknown


Materials needed:  Green Wikki Stix, assorted buttons (we found ours at Hobby Lobby), white paper, and markers or crayons.

Have the children use the green Wikki Stix to make several stems/leaves for the flowers on a piece of white paper.  After the children have made the flower stems, the children can attach a button to the top of the stem (the Wikki Stix will adhere the button so no glue is necessary.)

Label the stems of the flowers with any numbers the children are working on.  Have the children place the corresponding number of buttons on top of the flowers.  In the picture above, we used numbers 1-5.  It is a great one-to-one correspondence activity for young learners!

Wikki Stix are wax covered yarn sticks that are wonderful for crafts and hands-on activities for young children!  They can be stored indefinitely for use over and over by kids!  

We hope you enjoy some of the crafts above with your children this SPRING!