One of the things I like to do with my toddlers is, in theory, play around with paint and dough and things like that.  And I say in theory because when I’m planning something, everything seems easy and I always think it’s going to work really well. But, to tell you the truth, that doesn’t usually happen. What happens is the kids not doing what I propose or thinking that some toy is funnier than the activity or taking the material and doing everything with it except what I want!

That’s what happened this week when I thought of making a collage in some paper eggs. My idea was for them to rip some paper in pieces, and I was counting on some big pieces already, but they smashed the paper instead… ok, so I rip the paper with some help from them. And when those pieces of paper were all done they thought it would be nice to throw them in the air and they did ( a few times, I must say!).

When I managed to gather the pieces of paper, I sat them at the table and gave each one a sheet with the drawing of an egg. I put some glue on it and I wanted them to stick the pieces of paper inside the egg. I thought they would like because their hands would be sticky, which they like, but I only got about three minutes of their attention. This is the result… some slightly uncovered eggs.

And this is the anatomy of an activity with my toddlers. Once I read an article that said that we have to be prepared for this to happen and that we can’t expect much. It seems to be truth…
At least I got the idea that they had some fun and I got the uncovered eggs to brighten up the room.
Happy Easter!