So often, when we find lice in a child’s hair, mom ends up in tears saying “I feel like such a bad mom, how could I not have known”.  They will often say that their child has been scratching his or her head  more than usual but wrote it off to a dry scalp.  Many times they will try  different shampoos hoping that will bring relief. Meanwhile, the lice just keep multiplying. If your kids have never had head lice before, it’s difficult to know what your looking for. Is it dandruff?, dirt? or head lice? Don’t be so hard on yourselves. At our treatment centers we pride ourselves on educating our clients so that they can properly check their children for head lice and know the difference between all the different specks you may find when looking through the hair. If you see your child scratching his or her head more than usual, your first thought should be to check for head lice.