Leaders are made, not born.

Your child will be in a position of leadership one day, whether as a manager, a parent or simply as somebody who can no longer depend on teachers and parents to guide them: a leader of self.

In order to be effective leaders they will require a high level of communication skills. They will need to express themselves, motivate others, listen, and know how to address large groups of people as well as individuals.

So how can we prepare our children for these things, incrementally, in a fun, non-stressful way?

Well, what about public speaking activities?

Research has proven that teaching public speaking skills to kids from a young age can dramatically improve their chances of success. McKinsey, a global management consultancy, revealed a manager’s success is dependent upon their communication and public speaking skills. In a global economy where available jobs are increasingly becoming managerial, this vital information will move any parent to improve their child’s communication and employment potential.

Some of the very important skills and attributes that are developed through public speaking include:

  • Self confidence
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Creativity
  • Presenting and organising information
  • Networking
  • Writing 
  • Vocal projection
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening
Make the world an oyster for your kids; get them involved in Public Speaking for Kids!