I have been hearing a lot about gender reveal parties lately. It’s a trend on facebook and pinterest that has caught my attention. With today’s progress with gender prediction test, parents can determine gender sooner and sooner than ever before, making the “party” planning process one of some time and commitment.
Commonly, during gender reveal parties parents-to-be will cut into a cake with anticipations of hot pink or royal blue filling. But I am neither common nor am I traditional. I am very much a Geek/Nerd at heart so I have been thinking about different approaches to this because I may want to have another child in the future and I live outside the box. I’ve compiled some different gender reveal ideas and added a touch of fantasy, superhero strength, and fun that is sure to personalize your celebration and make for memorable photo ops.

Costume Party

Instead of labeling your gathering as “Gender Reveal Party,” throw a costume party! Everyone can take part in the fun and dress as their favorite super hero, and if you have any little ones in attendance this will be a blast for them, as well. If you choose to do a prediction poll, have the guests dress as the superhero of their choice that is the gender they believe the baby to be.

Write a Mad-lib Comic

If you have a creative mind, which you should if you enjoy comic books and fantasy, take an hour to write up a 20-sentence “comic book” on depicting your labor story. Remember to leave out important words and print copies for your guest to fill-in verbs, nouns, and adjectives. The kicker with this game is at the end of the plot you incorporate a phrase that states the gender, such as, “And Mammoth Mom and Dangerous Dad welcomed their new baby girl…” The guest will be laughing and enjoying the silly word play that when they read the final sentence the point may take a second to settle in. Prepare your cameras for this gender reveal idea.

Greeting Card/Photography

Instead of taking professional images with little pink or blue booties, take a Superman or Wonder Woman onesie and use that as the gender prop in your session. Placing the superhero outfit on your belly and adding a computer-generated phrase to greeting card to the effect of, “Expecting our little Superman in June” will reveal your gender and receive a laugh or two.

Baby Outfit gift opening

If you prefer a more subdued reveal, take this route. Have a relative or close friend take an unopened envelope of the baby’s gender, written by your doctor, and email it to your nearest screen printer business. Have the screen printer put the logo of either a female for male superhero on the tummy of a onesie. On the day of your reveal have the friend pick up the onesie (boxed and wrapped) and deliver it to the party. The expecting parents can open the “gift” for everyone to learn the gender together.

Picture courtesy of Sebastien RAVINET CC 2.0 License found on flickr

T-shirt unveiling

If you and your partner already know the sex of the baby, this is a perfect reveal idea for you. Wear your favorite male or female superhero t-shirts (depending on the gender). When you are ready to reveal, rip off your top layer (as Superman would) to expose the super hero.

Gender-reveal parties don’t have to be another mundane Pinterest trend. Utilize these tips to make your reveal unique, playful, and the highly anticipated moment each of your guests can enjoy and take part in. You are never too old to play like a kid.

Please share your ideas, what you have done or would like to do! And if you have pictures I would love to see them 😀 

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