Last week I was talking with one of my friends she was experiencing a life crises with her kids. She had received a call from school letting her know the ugly situation: her kids had head lice! Immediately, she went to pick them up from school, bought specialized head lice shampoo and combs; and her battle against lice begun. I told her she must used avocado seed instead of being combating louse per louse. She laughs at me and kept telling her real life’s nightmare.

She told me how she fought with the tiny creatures. She wanted to exterminate the plague as soon as possible. But the reality was that she could not. It took her more than two weeks to be free of those micro bloody suckers.

During 19 days she battled everyday with her two kids in order to make them realized that they have to be careful with their belongings. She ordered them not to share any hat, hairbrush, comb in the school or at home; and that was the tricky part. Her kids did not pay too much attention to her. I guess it is only logical; after all they are children and they wants to play freely. Although she had to be very patience with the head lice infestation, she knew how to kill the enemy. She spent hours of her afternoons with and special comb, a bright light, and a magnifying glass over her children heats; hearing the children complaint about being boring, to which she answered to them: “I am boring too, but I am super mom battling against the tiny vampires” After that the children happily cooperated with her.

This entire story about head lice remembered me when I was a child. My mom also had to play the super mom role. I started to tell my friend what happened back then. On one occasion it was a head lice epidemic on my school. It was bad and I remember that most of the moms did not know what to do in order to exterminate the insects. Because it seemed like the most they tried the most the head lice reproduced. It was really a mess. Until one day one of the moms discovered a very good home remedy: Avocado Seed! She has been told to find a very ripe avocado, get rid of the pulp and with only the seed rubbing the head of the child and leave it on scalp for one hour. After that you just needed to rinse with regular shampoo. She has been told that remedy not only will eliminate the head lice but it will prevent to get lice again.

 So, that first mom did it and told the experience to the other moms, not all of them followed the advice but my mom did it! I can tell you that after I had been rubbing with that avocado all the head lice had gone and I did not have head lice again, neither my sister.

From one super mom to the world, I am sharing this advice. Sure fighting against head lice could be exhausting but try the avocado seed as prevention and be free of worries, at least no worries about head lice. Good Luck!