My bias in managing obesity is that exercise is really the key.  Of course, kids need to avoid high calorie juices, soda and fast food.  I like to give my parents and children something to hold on to and review when they get home, so I give them the “Eat Smart, Move More” Prescription for health.  I fill in the child’s name at the top of the script and date it.

Now, to my favorite tip.

During daylight saving time, I suggest that after supper, the child and the parent take a walk together for 30 minutes.  Then, nothing but water to drink until sleep.  This shifts the child’s metabolism into catabolism and the child is breaking down fat all night for energy.  Same for the parent who is usually out of shape and overweight.  Another important thing happens during the walk.  The child and the parent talk to each other.  They are not stuck on the couch  in front of a screen.

It is important that the walking area is safe.  In my dreams, I imagine my families in the high risk neighborhoods forming walking groups to “take back the neighborhood.”

Charles Frederick Willson