60 Second Parent Articles:

Here are the topics I would write about:
**”W” sitting (why w/babies and how to correct…ditto w/ preschool but impact in the classroom)
**Crawling (why important and how to encourage…why kids should keep crawling when they get to preschool)
*Bilateral Motor Development and how this contributes to handedness (general organization for babies…specialization for older kids)
Eye hand coordination related to ball throwing (how this begins in infancy…strategies for the preschooler)
**Hand strengthening activities (from birth! and how to get pre-schoolers ready for writing)  I once did a workshop titled “How to Teach Handwriting without ever Touching a Pencil

Completed Articles:

Baby W Sit
Toddler W Sit
Kindergarten W Sit

Infant Crawling
Crawling Basics (Baby)
Toddler Crawling
Never too Late to Crawl (Preschool)
Never to Late to Crawl (K)

Infant Eye-Hand
Baby Eye-Hand
Toddler Eye-Hand
Preschool Eye-hand
Kindergarten Eye-Hand

Infant 2-Hands
2-Hands Baby
Preschool 2 Hands are Better than One

Strong Hands (Infant)
Strong Hands (Baby)
Toddler Hand Strengthening
Getting those Hands Ready for School (Preschool)
Getting those Hands Ready for School (K)