Crawling Basics

Basically, crawling is one of the most important things a baby learns to do the

first year. Here why:

1. Crawling works all the trunk muscles hardhat means a stronger core!

2. Crawling involves a complex sequence of steps using both sides of the body.

This motor sequencing helps build pathways and make connections in the


3. With each movement forward, the center of gravity shifts. This means the

body has to balance four different ways with each crawling sequence. That

really helps improve the babys sense of balance in preparation for


4. Crawling is heavy work! Because crawling uses muscles and work the joints

so rigorously, organizing stimulation occurs in the brain.

Your baby doesn crawl? Don panic. Many babies skip crawling. This usually relates to weak trunk or core muscles. Notice numbers 1-­‐4 all require a lot of body action. The best thing to do is to get your baby back on the blanket for lots of tummy time play. Games that require reaching while lying on the stomach will help strengthen th