Create a Family Time Capsule This New Year’s Eve by Michelle Hutchison

On New Year’s Eve, bring out a box—plain or fancy—and label it with (Insert Your Family Name) History 2010 then fill it with memories and mementos to make a family time capsule.

With the box at hand, have conversation with your family about the ups and the downs of this past year. After talking, collect artifacts that will commemorate some of your special family memories. These items will remind your family in years to come of what was important to you that year—like a message in a bottle from your past.

Consider including some of the following items:

  • Pictures such as school photos, vacation pictures, or photos of extended family members who have been born or passed away
  • Print a list of local and world news events of the year from a favorite news website
  • Art projects, report cards, movie ticket stubs, and programs from your children’s performance events
  • Letters from each family member about his or her hopes for the future (Small children can dictate a letter.)
  • Painted handprints of children and/or paws prints of pets
  • A list of children’s height and weight
  • A list of some family records such as fastest time running around the house or best Wii bowling score (maybe just on New Year’s Eve)
  • A list of favorite meals or places to eat
  • Favorite jokes and songs

Once the box has all of your chosen objects, seal it up with lots of tape and mark it with a future date for opening, such as five years from now. Last, store it in a dry place.