Getting those Growing Hands Ready for School!

The preschool years are critical for getting your child hands strong enough and coordinated enough to use scissors, color, draw and eventually write. Many parents think that the sooner you teach your child to write letters, the better they will be when they get to school.

Sooner is not better! When children learn to hold a pencil before the muscles are developed sufficiently, they have to use immature grasping patterns. If these become a habit, it is very difficult to change the “penc grasp. When they begin a formal writing program in Kindergarten or first grade it is very difficult to change bad habits and learning to write is more challenging.

The best way to get your child ready for writing is to:

   play games that require manipulating objects (e.g. cards, dice)
    helping in the kitchen
    helping in the garden

Sprinkle in a little bath time fun and your child will be set to go when he opens that
box of 64 beautiful Crayolas the first day of school!

Heres the list of fabulous activities to get those hands super strong and

Plant sprayers Shoveling/digging Play dough/clay Dupos/Legos
Card playing (on the floor) Scissor cutting
Sanding blocks
Large sponge Kneading dough
Spreading softened butter or other spread
Large grip carrot peelers (Oxo makes a great one) Sifting flour

Dont forget large motor play that requires hand strength. Here are a few

Wheel barrow walking Crab walking
Bear walking Tug of War