No or Low Cost Activity Ideas by Jolanda Hengstman, CAPE, NBCT

Snow Ball Fight
The fall season with its shorter days and colder weather keeps us inside more and provides a great opportunity to have a pretend snowball fight.

Our snowballs are made of half sheets of newspaper crumpled up inside a plastic sandwich bag (with the fold-over top). Everyone helps to make as many as possible, the more the better. Divide them into two piles, or collect in a laundry basket, box, or trashcan.

To keep the game contained to a certain area use a table, couch, or row of chairs as a divider between the players. You need a minimum of two players, one on each side, and each with a basket of snowballs.

Ready-Set-Go! Throw as many balls to the other side as you can.

Clean-up hint: The laundry basket or box becomes a goal. Each child can get as close to or as far away from the goal as they choose.

Stepping Stones
Are you looking for a fun and creative balance challenge that works well inside or outside? Try Stepping Stones.

The “stones” can be washcloths, handkerchiefs, no-skid drawer liner, or other items kids can step on without it sliding from underneath them. Cloth slides on hardwood flooring so be careful. Outside you can use sidewalk chalk to draw stones in different colors.

You can place the stones in a pattern and invite your child (or show him) how to step, hop, or jump from one onto another. Challenge him to find a way to cross the room without touching the carpet. Or let him design his own pattern and find ways to get from one stone to the next.