Snow Day by Nicole McKeon

Here’s a fun adventure for the snow days we all know are just around the corner.
This activity centers on the beautiful and timeless story of The Little House in The Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
These stories are appropriate for all ages, but are especially fun read alouds for the eight and under crowd. Wait for a snowy day, and snuggle up together in a comfy spot and watch the snow come down, while drinking hot chocolate.
Get your copy of The Little House in The Big Woods out, and open to chapter 4, Christmas. It doesn’t need any introduction, but you might want to tell your little ones about the Ingalls family, that they were real people, and these stories are based on their life together.
After you read the chapter about the Ingalls family and their simple Christmas preparations, go outside together and collect pans of snow for each child. While your kids finish collecting their snow, go inside and boil molasses and sugar together.

When the molasses and sugar begin to thicken into a thick syrup, give each child a spoon to dip into the syrup and have them pour it over the snow.

It will immediately harden into a tasty, chewy candy.

They can make different shapes or squiggles. This is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about chemical reactions, how heat and cold can change the properties of the same material, and how something that starts off looking one way can be totally changed simply by heating or freezing it.

This is a simple, but effective chemistry lesson. And it tastes delicious!