Suit Yourself Organizing by Amy Sperry

The holidays bring extra family fun during a favorite time of the year. They can also allow for some extra time to work on organizing projects that make your non-holiday life easier.

During a holiday break, you have time to empty the junk drawer or sort through the front hall closet that can barely be closed. As you are approaching the holiday season and have January notions to tackle resolutions, chose an organizing challenge from the ideas listed below that suits you.

Hard-Core Organizer

  • Create a chores calendar. Each month list one inside chore, like filing, and one outside chore, like trimming back bushes. However, don’t let the calendar drive you. If you don’t complete a task one month, leave it undone until the next time that job comes up on the calendar.
  • Use binders and page protectors to organize recipes from magazines. If you still love clipping recipes, sort them by categories and use page protectors to shield your prized recipes.

I-Wish-I-Had-More-Time Organizer

  • Use decorative jars to keep clutter in check. Everything from buttons and safety pins to hotel soaps and mouthwash can look decorative when stored in a glass jar.
  • Creatively disguise toy storage in every room. This allows your grown-up spaces to also be kid-friendly. (Store a set of wooden blocks in a basket in the corner of the living room, for example.)

I’m-Just-Trying-to-Survive Organizer

  • Keep a “Give Away” and “Put Away” box (two tall trash bins work well) in a closet. Every 2 months take the “Give Away” clothes to a consignment store, thrift store, or a friend with a younger child. Store items such as sentimental items or clothes that have been hand made by relatives in plastic containers in the attic.
  • Keep a notepad and pen in your closet to record when you need a key wardrobe item.

Having a perfectly organized home is a myth, and usually the homes that have a touch of disorganization make people feel more at home. Especially at this time of year, we want our homes to be welcoming, work for our family, and provide a bit of calm amidst the rush.