The Waiting Game

Waiting for appointments can be wonderful time way to claim a few often-wasted moments as quality time. Here are a few waiting room activities to get you started:

  • For a baby, take advantage of peek-a-boo appeal. With your child on your lap or in a car seat, hold an object of interest behind your child and outside of her sight and then bring it around from the side slowly while saying, “Here it comes.” Take notice of when your baby sees the object in her peripheral vision and if she begins to predict where it is coming from.
  • Teach your toddler how to use thumbs up and thumbs down for yes and no. Ask your child a series of yes/no questions and have him give a thumbs up for yes a thumbs down for no. To get started ask, “Are there chairs in this room?” (thumbs up) and “Do you have two noses?” (thumbs down). Continue the quizzing with silly questions.
  • For a preschooler, enjoy some fantasy play around being an animal. Ask your child, “If you were a (zebra), what would you do all day?” Once your child gets a good start, then ask, “If you were a zebra in (a school), what would you do all day?” Be prepared to take a turn.