Every one gets thirsty. When we do, then we drink something. Simple enough. But just how much thought is given to understanding the critical nature of fluid intake, especially for the very young. Water is second only to oxygen for survival. Without water, death comes in a matter of days. Thus, appreciating the importance of water, and the various fluids that consist of it, is essential for the nurture and care of children.
An infant is about 70 or 75% water. This is higher than a grown up person, based on body weight and surface area. To maintain this balance, infants take in much larger amounts of water or liquids, proportionate to their size, than adults. Many foods that babies eat are high in fluid content. That is good. However, it is very important that babies get the fluids they need, water, milk and juice.
One of he best ways to judge whether a baby is getting enough fluid is by observing the amount, frequency and concentration of the urine. Infrequent, small and concentrated amounts of urine indicate a need for increased fluids.
Paying attention to the need for water is just one more way to keep your baby healthy.