No one need remind a new parent that the skin of his or her baby is quite sensitive. Diaper rash is an example of this fact. The diaper provides an environment for warmth and moisture to combine and produce a raw, red, and irritated bottom. This environment also encourages the growth of yeast and, sometimes, other infections.

The best treatment for diaper rash is to avoid it.


  • Thoroughly clean and dry your baby’s bottom after a bowel movement or when changing a wet diaper.
  • Apply a protective ointment of cream after cleansing.
  • Change the diaper as quickly as practical after it becomes wet or messy.
  • Cloth diapers breathe more easily than disposable ones. Try to use them if possible.


  • Dry red and irritated areas with a hair dryer set on low temperature.
  • Use soothing creams such as A & D or Desitin.
  • Leave the diaper off as much as possible until the redness and irritation disappears.
  • If a yeast infection is present, antifungal medications may be necessary.

Call the Doctor if

  • Intense redness, blisters, oozing or weeping skin is present.
  • Raw and painful patches appear.
  • The penis or labia swells.
  • Inflammation of the skin spreads beyond the diaper area.
  • The child cries when urinating.

Diaper rash will most likely happen sometime during your infant baby’s growth in spite of all your efforts. Hopefully these tips can help you deal with it.