Twin babies are an exciting and challenging addition to any family. However, they may add undue stress that can be avoided by simple anticipatory measures. Where pre-natal care is available, most all twin pregnancies will be identified long before their delivery occurs. This then allows for time to plan and to learn from others who have been privileged to be the parents of twins.

In addition to “doubling” the store of supplies needed for two babies, use this time to attend classes that help with the planning of how best to care for two babies at one time. This not only allows for attention to the new ones but also creates an awareness of how to care for yourself. If no formal classes are available, develop a network of your own. Seek out families who have twin children and learn from their experiences. From them, many good ideas will emerge that will make your approach to caring for your own twins much easier and more successful.

And one more thing: breast feeding is the very best way to provide the nourishment your babies need to put all four of their feet on the path to good growth and health.