clothes-peg-1471306_640-burpWithout a doubt, very young babies suck air into their tummies while they are nursing. The trapped air causes pain and crying. A loving parent burps his baby to get rid of that air. But what if baby burping is frequent?

Even with healthy burping, some extra stomach contents come back. Making a burp cloth so handy and laundry piles so high in homes with newborns.

However, when a baby persistently burps too much of her food, a concerned parent may wonder if this is something other than routine burping.

Possible Concerns with Baby Burping

There are two possible concerns. One occurring at the outlet of the stomach into the small intestine. The other occurring at the other end where the stomach connects to the esophagus.

When forceful vomiting occurs after feeding, a baby may be experiencing a problem low in the bowels, a condition called pyloric stenosis, which can cause a serious illness. It typically occurs in the first three to five weeks. For more information, read an article from the Mayo Clinic.

Frequent baby burping also occurs as a result of a problem at the top of the stomach, esophageal reflux.

When caring for a baby burping a lot, do not hesitate to call your baby’s doctor if wet diapers are less frequent and if weight loss seems possible.

Although neither condition is all that common, they do occur with enough frequency in very young babies to justify a visit to the doctor.

While trying to determine if your baby burping a lot is routine, remember to focus on soothing your fussy baby and keep a burp cloth handy.