A recent study reported in the journal BMC Public Health confirmed key traits of good parenting. Simply put, good parenting involves daily involvement and grows good behavior and wellness in children.

Activities like sharing meals away from the TV, talking more, going to parks and playgrounds and playing games together, all have positive affects on children’s lives. So, good parenting involves investing daily in the lives of children, even as other priorities compete for time.

Here are some good parenting tips to express your love in a language your child will know-every day.

Preschool child holding hands in heart shape

Daily doses of a parent’s love builds strong, happy children

Good Parenting Tips

Say ‘I Love You’
  • Make saying, “I love you” an unconditional and routine part of your day. Fore example, say “I love you” after snack, at nap and bedtime, etc.
  • Make your expression of love specific too. For example, make comments like, “I love the way you laugh,” or “One of the reasons I love you is because you sing with me.”
  • Use words like “I’m sorry”, “please” and “thank you”
Show your love
  • Respond promptly when your child is unhappy. For example, give him a hug and assure him of your affection while talking about his feelings.
  • Cuddle regularly. Physical touch is a powerful message of love. Hold your child while he has a drink or watches a television program.
  • Spend time alone with your child doing something that he loves.
  • Share what you love with your child. Enriching activities like going to a ballgame or a zoo communicate that you want your child to love what you love.
  • Provide your child with lots of opportunities to get to know other children and adults. Receiving love and acceptance from others is important too.
  • Help your child discover what he does well. Finding a child’s areas of giftedness build his self esteem and capacity to love others.
  • Use plenty of positive words with your child and establish eye contact when encouraging/praising so you know your child has really heard you.
Ways to undermine good parenting
  • Yelling at your child or others.
  • Spanking your child.
  • Making belittling comments and over using sarcasm.

What good parenting tips have we forgotten? What are the ways you show love for your child?