Travel Tips for the Holidays

Ever wonder how you can travel with your baby and still enjoy the holidays? The research-based Millette Method provides the following travels tips for a restful holiday.

The Millette Method ™ takes into account family schedule, child development, and parenting style.  If focuses on minimizing sleep deprivation as well parental depression and anxiety. It uses many sleep methods and sleep arrangements.

Travel Tips for Before Your Trip

  • Will your baby be sleeping in a pack’n’play? In the week or two before your trip, place your baby in her pack’n’play to sleep, so she gets used to the new sleep space.
  • Don’t forget familiar sleep objects. Bring your baby or toddler’s lovey, unwashed crib sheet (familiar scent), and sound machine. Also pack familiar pajamas and favorite bedtime books. These objects from home will help your little one feel secure in new place.
  • Talk to your child about the trip. If flying for the first time, talk to your child ahead of travel day and tell her about flying in an airplane. Pack her favorite books, a couple of new toys, and favorite snacks and drinking cup.

  • If you need baby equipment, like a pack’n’play or highchair, think about renting from They deliver and set up in most major cities, as well as the Hawaiian Islands. Bring crib sheets from home.

  • Schedule a flight or car trip during nap time.  Or in some cases around your child’s bedtime.

To learn more about the Millette Method ™ and the work of Meggan Hartman, Ph.D. go to Dr. Hartman’s website.