Ever wonder how you can travel with your baby and still enjoy the holidays? The research-based Millette Method provides the following travel tips for a restful holiday.

The Millette Method ™ takes into account family schedule, child development, and parenting style.  If focuses on minimizing sleep deprivation as well parental depression and anxiety. It uses many sleep methods and sleep arrangements.

Travel Tips During the Trip

• If flying, for take off and landing, plan to help your child drink some liquid. Offer breast or bottle feed to your baby and a sippy cup with water or juice for older children. This will help to equalize the pressure in the middle ear.

• Some toddlers may not do well with new surroundings and may resist going to sleep. Try to help your toddler get used to a new sleep space by spending time together in the new room before bedtime.

• Try spending an extra 10-15 min with your child at bedtime the first few nights. This will mean that you want to start bedtime a little earlier than you would at home.

• Pack a travel potty on long car trips, if you have a newly potty trained toddler. That way you won’t ever be too far away from a toilet.

• Consider darkening the windows for little ones who tend to wake up early with the morning light.

• If possible, schedule a few relaxing days between busy, activity-packed vacation days. This is especially helpful after a busy travel day and right before a busy travel day.

• On your first night home, do your same bedtime routine to help your little one adjust back to a regular bedtime. Remember the length of your trip and number of time zones crossed will effect the time needed for your child to adjust back to his or her natural clock.

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