About Us

The world is filled with all sorts of ideas about how to raise and care for children. A never-ceasing array of information, from practical to ridiculous, useful to annoying, and understandable to incomprehensible, bombards parents to the point of near exhaustion. Parents need information that is practical, addresses the majority of uncertainties parents face and is, above all, reliable.

Sixty Second Parent offers a unique and fresh approach to sharing parenting, child health and development, and early learning information. We understand that the expectations and pressures put on parents and child and family practitioners today are more complex than ever before and thus the need for a simpler support system.
We have brought together experts in child education and development, child health and parenting to provide easy access to health, nutrition, parenting, and teaching information.


Mission Statement

Sixty Second Parent exists to generate and distribute ready, reliable parenting information that connects caregivers and practitioners as they work together to develop triumphant children.


To be the leading provider of reliable parenting information that can be readily accessed so that all caregivers can develop understanding and remain committed to the love that pushes through sleepless nights, endless diapers and constant demands for attention and allows them the freedom to understand and celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

Value Statements

  • Caregivers love their children and want them to be triumphant—resilient, have a healthy self-esteem, and be concerned for others.
  • No one is an expert on everything.
  • If it can be said more concisely, do it.
  • Be resilient.
  • Be concerned for others.
  • Be healthy.