Litte Pnut Review and Giveaway

Whether you are an adult or child getting a package in the mail is exciting and this week I was excited to receive a special delivery from Little Pnuts. I opened the box and this is what I found inside:

My first impression was “Wow” – I had received one of the 3 year old packages and I could see straight away that these were quality toys. I will be upfront and say I no longer have a 3 year old, but luckily for me I had 2 reviewers right next door – 3 year old Tristan and 5 year old Holly.

Tristan with the lovely wooden Sevi vehicles

What I liked about the toys in my Little Pnuts box:

Great Quality – The box contained two brands I knew well and loved – Haba and Plan Toys and two I was not so familiar with Hape and Sevi. All of these toys are beautifully made – short on plastic, with an emphasis on natural, sustainable materials. Take a look at their brand partners page and you will see what I mean – Little Pnuts only work with companies that produce top quality toys.

“We do the research and find you the best-made toys in the world, and we aren’t exaggerating.” Little Pnuts

Developmentally Appropriate – I received the 3 year old box – the toys were a great mix of toys that 3 year old Tristan could do now (like the Sevi car set and Plan toy puzzle), and things he could do now with a little help (lacing horse and card game). His sister Holly (aged 5) really enjoyed the lacing horse and the card game. These toys encouraged play in lots of skill areas – fine motor, imaginative play, cognitive, social and emotional. There are opportunities to learn about color, shape, taking turns, numbers, sharing problem solving and more.

Holly playing with the Lacing Horse

Gender Neutral – I know that when you sign up for little Pnuts you are asked for a gender – boy or girl (personally I would like the choice of ‘both’), but the box of toys I received were toys that would be loved by both boys and girls. I can tell from the brands they work with that unlike many of the toy aisles you see these days, there won’t be lots of ‘pink and blue’ or ‘girl toys and boy toys’. Brands like Haba, Plan Toys, Sevi, Hape don’t even have the category girl’s toys or boy’s toys listed on their site.

A selection of the type of toys you can expect from your Little Pnut deliveries.

How does a subscription to Little Pnuts work?

For $25/month (or a single $240 annual payment), Little Pnuts sends four “Special Deliveries” packages per year. Each box contains 3-5 quality, earth-friendly toys tailored to the age/developmental stage of the child in question. This really is the perfect gift!

Please visit the Little Pnuts website for more information

We have one Little Pnuts 3 year old Special Delivery package to giveaway (Little Pnuts ship internationally so all welcome)