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I invite you to join Sixty Second Parent and me in providing reliable, accurate and timely information to the families of young children. Virtually all young families seek advice that can be trusted about the health, development and behavior of their children. To do so, the vast majority are using the Internet as their source.  Because you are an expert and a trusted source of the knowledge they need, joining the Sixty Second Parent network provides you an opportunity to positively affect the lives of thousands of children everywhere.

We would like to ask you to please submit an article, of your professional expertise, so that Sixty Second Parent may provide that information to the visitors of the Sixty Second Parent website. We have provided an easy format for use in submitting your material. You may choose from the topics listed or any you deem appropriate.

Your material will be reviewed to fit the website format. You may identify yourself and your practice as you wish. You will be protected from inappropriate use or critique of your material.

Thank you for providing such valuable information to families searching for the help they need to raise healthy and resilient children!

Olson Huff, MD FAAP

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