Babies in Boxes?

Recently, several states have begun a project to give parents with newborns a box in which to place them to sleep, emphasizing placement of the baby on her or his back to reduce the risk of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Although the movement to do so seems...

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Some children achieve nighttime control by age 3 to 4 but then suddenly begin wetting the bed again. These children are said to have secondary enuresis. There are many causes of secondary enuresis including psycho-social factors, physical factors, diabetes, child abuse, or change in sleep patterns. Secondary enuresis should be quickly brought to the attention of the child’s health care provider.

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Adjusting Bedtime for Springing Forward

Starting Sunday March 13th, clocks will be set forward one hour: “spring forward.” You can help your baby/toddler by starting to adjust ahead of the time change. Starting Tuesday night (March 8th) begin to put baby down 10 minutes earlier for bed. You can do this by...

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