Christmas Candy – Part II

Sixty Second Parent shares Part II of this Christmas short story written by Dr. Huff. In Part I, Nathan, a young boy living in rural West Virginia, and his dog Jack struggle to make it home through a winter storm.  This story, written in five parts, will be posted... read more

Christmas Candy: A Short Story

Christmas Candy by Dr. Olson Huff Sixty Second Parent shares this Christmas short story written by Dr. Huff with you and your family. The story, written in five parts, will be posted each week between now and Christmas Eve. Make sharing this poignant story about a... read more

Giving OTC Medicine to Infants

Giving OTC medicine to infants requires careful attention. Parents can easily find and buy Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicines. However, safe use requires effort. A recent report from a leading pediatric journal noted that as many as 84% of parents at one time or another... read more

Good Parenting and Showing Love Everyday

A recent study reported in the journal BMC Public Health confirmed key traits of good parenting. Simply put, good parenting involves daily involvement and grows good behavior and wellness in children. Activities like sharing meals away from the TV, talking more, going... read more