Expert Recommended Websites

Our experts recommend trusted parenting resources to help you avoid the overwhelming number of less-than-expert parenting advice available. We can’t endorse all of the information you’ll find. However, we do think we can help you avoid a lot of frustration due to the overwhelming number of less-than-expert parenting advice available.

Autism Support at St. Gerard House

Logo for St. Gerard House showing a child reading a book with puzzle pieces overheadSt. Gerard House serves all people touched by autism. To do so, St. Gerard House uses evidence-based therapy as the backbone for all of our programs and are committed to providing the highest quality care possible.  Also it offers programs for all ages and training and family training and support.

A word from the Executive Director Our mission is simple: to help individuals with autism and their families experience more joy and achieve meaningful life outcomes. The work we do, however, is not simple…St. Gerard House remains committed to providing a vibrant community where those we serve can find success.

To learn more, go to the St. Gerard House website.

Tuck Advancing Better Sleep

Our guides cover everything from comprehensive, expert sleep hygiene and parenting information for newborns through teenage years to helpful resources on sleep disorders and nutrition to help women and families during and after pregnancy to gain an increased understanding of the often confusing science behind sleep.

To review their guilds you may visit their link at

Play Nicely

Play Nicely

Play Nicely™ is a brief, free multimedia parenting program that offers parents clear strategies that can be implemented in minutes. Developed at Vanderbilt University, the Play Nicely program teaches discipline strategies that can be used for children ages 1 through 7 years.

To learn more about Play Nicely™, please visit

Kids in Parks

Kids in Parks is an expanding network of family-friendly outdoor adventures called TRACK Trails. Each TRACK Trail features self-guided brochures and signs that turn your visit into a fun and exciting outdoors experience. Best of all, you can earn prizes for tracking your adventures!

Sign up for Free at Kids in Parks.

Postpartum Support International

PSIDepression during and after pregnancy occur more often than most people realize. Approximately 15% of women experience significant depression following childbirth. The percentages are even higher for women who are also dealing with poverty, and can be twice as high for teen parents. Ten percent of women experience depression in pregnancy. In fact, perinatal depression is the most common complication of childbirth. To learn more and connect with experts, go to the Postpartum Support International website.

North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

NC Early Childhood FoundationLearn about the partnerships developed by the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation to define shared birth-to-eight measures of reading success, to build public understanding, to drive aligned action, and to advance state and local policies that support each child being on a pathway to grade-level reading – all rooted in research and an understanding of what those closest to children need.
To learn more and find reading programs in North Carolina, visit North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation website.